Wednesday, February 9, 2011

coming up for air

It never fails. I gain a new resolve to write regularly, to work out consistently, to lose weight steadily, to gain momentum on all the grand undertakings I am attempting to undertake, and then WHOOSH. I get slammed. Slammed.

Here is a perfect example. I finally have a day to write. I got the workout out of the way, I got showered, I sat my butt in front of my computer. This was 15 minutes ago. I am only on the second paragraph. Why? Because I hit some funky key that did some funky command and then suddenly my whole computer was funky and I could type anything into it. Nothing at all. And it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to fix it. I only have five hours today within which to work on my manuscript. Add in getting lunch, and it's down to four and a half. If I check email, write on my blog too long, answer the phone, pet the cat—suddenly I'm down to four or less. Four hours, within the last four weeks, to try to write a flippin book and lose ten flippin pounds and create a birthday present for my daughter and finish the photo book from vacation plan the valentine party and…

Sigh. 15 minutes, when you only have four hours, is extremely frustrating. And here I go again—petting the cat. But he looks so cute sitting here on top of my keyboard… And now it's suddenly been 20.

I need to quit complaining about my lack of time to write and just write. And so I will go. In the meantime, the miracle diet is still progressing slowly but surely, in spite of a birthday party two weekends ago and a women's retreat this past weekend. I am allowing myself to be normal in these settings. To "do all things in moderation." And it is working. There is a grace on it, and I don't lose control, and I get right back on the diet when I'm finished. That, alone, is miraculous. Is this making allowances slowing down my progress? Probably a little. But I can live with that. For now. I have four hours left. I am also making allowances for school events and unforeseen crises and physical therapy appointments and birthday treats for the class. Is it slowing down my progress? Definitely. But I have no choice but to live with these allowances. And so I take a deep breath, and I make the most of my four hours.

Here I go…

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