Sunday, March 13, 2011

taking on the tenacious ten

So. Here's the deal.Seven years ago, I lost 100 pounds. I kept it off easily for five years. In a random and ill-timed course of events, I gained back ten pounds two years ago. I freaked out. In trying to lose the ten, I gained another. I came completely unglued. I'm writing a book about it, so I'll leave you dying for the details, except to let you know I've lost the second ten. But here's the thing.

The Thing is this last ten pounds. I've spent two years trying to take back off a measly TEN POUNDS. I'm going insane in the process. So here is where the rubber hits the road.Now, before I go on, just so we're clear, here is what I do NOT want to hear from you, should you have the urge to say it:
  • Maybe this is just God's way of saying you should just accept this current weight. Bull-pucky. God wants me to spend my money to further his kingdom, NOT on a closet full of new Fat Girl clothes.
    • Maybe this is your set point. It wasn't five years ago. So I refuse to accept that it is now.
    •  Have you tried____________ or ____________ or ____________ or ____________? The answer is YES. All of it.
      • What worked for me is ____________. I'm not you. And my body does not respond, in ANY way, shape, or form, to formulas. But thank you for your input. Truly.

        That being said, here is what I've determined:
        • My body is not responding to gentle, moderate tactics. I'm going to have to get hard core if I want to wear my Fit Girl clothes again.
        • I do not WANT to get hard core.
        • I am going to have to do it ANYWAY.

          Tomorrow I begin Taking on The Tenacious Ten. Hard core. I am following Tosca Reno's Stripped diet, which combines Clean Eating principles with increased workouts. She promises I won't die. That is the best I can hope for. I will chronicle my efforts here, daily, for both your encouragement and amusement.

          If Tosca Reno is to be believed, I'm in for a month of hard core lean eating and intense exercising, with the desired result come the end of the month. We'll see which lasts longer here—my efforts, or her book!

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          1. I'm right with you. I've been trying for years on just these 10 pounds. I'll lose them with an intense diet only to gain them right back. I've started counting calories i eat great exercise intensely daily, still it stays. at least now i can say it is definitely muscle not fat i'm dealing with. 5'4" and 116 sound good, but no matter what i still feel chunky. its not going to be easy but i wish you the best of luck. and i don't know how you feel about caffeine or supplements, but green tea pills work wonders for workouts. It gives you energy and burns fat for you without nearly killing you like other workout pills do; what more could you ask for?